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Featured Title:

"Every Writer's Guide to Copyright and Publishing Law"



Ellen M. Kozak





$13.00 (PB)

(Check for pricing--discounts may vary.)






1. Ground Rules


2. Publishing Law and the Legal System


3. Definition


4. "Intellectual Property"--Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks


5. Copyright Origins and Duration


6. What Good Is a Copyright Anyway?


7. Exploiting Your Copyrights


8. Thy Neighbor's Copyrights


9. Copyright Notice


10. Registration


11. Renewal, Restoration, and Termination


12. Bankruptcy and Wills






13. Contracts


14. Moral Rights


15. Collaboration Agreements


16. The Global Village and the Information Superhighway


17. Some Other Avenues of Protection


18. Hiding Behind an Alias


19. Naming Names--Libel and Privacy


20. Does Crime Pay After All?


21. Arms Against a Sea of Troubles


22. Infringement and Suits


23. Contacting the Copyright Office


24. Rules to Live By





SYNOPSIS: Whether you write fiction, non-fiction or articles, this book will help you through the legal maze of copyright and publishing law. After reading this book, you'll be better prepared to sign a contract, protect yourself against libel, and protect yourself against copyright infringement.  Don't presume to know everything you need to know because a friend has already been published and shared her experience with you.  Every situation is unique, and should be handled as such.  This reference book will help you know what questions to ask and what recourse you can take.  There is even a special section on electronic copyright information--a must in this ever-expanding world of the internet.  Know your rights--read this book.



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