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On these pages you will find a comprehensive, but by no means inclusive list of on-line resources for writers of historical fiction. I have included those sites I thought would be most beneficial to an author, whether a novice or seasoned professional.

Because of my interest and expertise in Victorian Britain, most of these links are to Victorian sites. There are a few others mixed in, whether they caught my eye, or were recommended by another writer.

By virtue of the nature of the World Wide Web, this site could include thousands of sources. If you've visited a particular site, you may not see it here. Let me know if it's something we could all benefit from. I'll be glad to review it for inclusion in these pages.

I've arranged these pages by topic for easiest browsing. If a link does not work properly, please contact me so I can check on it. If a link you visited previously from these pages is now missing, it is because the link no longer works and I've removed it. My apology for that, but I try to keep these pages as current as possible.

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The Arts--Literature, Drama, Art

Aspects of the Victorian Book--Learn modes of production as well as popular trends of publishing in the Victorian Era

Book and Newspaper Publishers--Brief biographies of 19th century British newspaper and book editors and publishers

The British Library--A select list of Victorian illustrated newspapers and journals in British Library newspapers

British Painters in the 18th and 19th Centuries--A Chronological listing

British Sensation Literature--A look at the phenomenon and authors of sensation literature in the Victoria Era

Charles Dickens-Gad's Hill Place--Articles, quotes, games and more about the life and work of Charles Dickens

The Charles Dickens Page--All about the author and the world he lived in

Chronology of Romantic Period--A Chronological listing of Events connected with the Arts

Kim's Famous Love Letters--Read reprints of actual correspondence between some of history's most famous couples

Lewis Carroll Home Page--Information and links to all aspects of this author's life

List of Artists--Alphabetical list of Victorian and Edwardian artists and short bios on each

Literary Resources on the Net--Bibliographies of many literary categories

Literary Resources--Victorian British--Links to On-line British Literary Resources

Literature of the Victorian Period--List of Victorian authors and their complete works

Millais: "Ophelia" and "The Hugenot"--Excerpts from Millais' journal, The Life and Letters of Sir John Everett Millais, during the time he was working on these paintings.

The Mother Goose Society--A history of "Mother Goose" and fun activities to celebrate the rhymes

The National Portrait Gallery--Official web site of this British art museum

Nineteenth Century Art--Links to Pre-Raphaelite, Victorian and Edwardian resources

Nineteenth Century British and Irish Authors--Links to resources for 19th Century British and Irish Authors

Nineteenth Century London Stage--An Exploration into the Theater 

Playbills from Edinburgh's Theatre Royal--A selection of playbills from the years 1800-1850

Poet Seers--Texts of Victorian Poems

Poets.org--A searchable index of American poets and their works, both past and present

The Pre-Raphaelites--A page dedicated to the Pre-Raphaelites

Punch Magazine--A brief history of this British publication, with reproductions of its famous cartoons.

Rare Book Room--Digitized copies of classic books you can read online.

Sensation Novels--A history of the Sensation novel with a list of titles from the 1860s

Shades and Shadow Pictures--The materials and techniques of American portrait silhouettes

Sir John Everett Millais: An Overview--A history of the life and work of this Pre-Raphaelite artist from The Victorian Web

Theatres in London--A comprehensive list of theatres in Victorian London, with a brief history for each.

Union Jack--America's only national British newspaper

Victoria Art Gallery--official site of this British Museum

Victorian Art in Britain--Sir John Everett Millais--A short piece on the life and works of Sir John Everett Millais, Pre-Raphaelite painter and illustrator.

Victorian Popular Music--Reproductions of sheet music from the Victorian Era

Who's Who of Victorian Cinema--A biographical guide of the earliest years of moving pictures, 1871-1901

Women Romantic-Era Writers--Alphabetical list of Women writers



Apparel History Timeline--Brief description of fashion trends through the centuries

Bata Shoe Museum--Official web site of this unique Toronto museum, small but fun

A Brief History of Fashion--An introduction to the history of western fashion, with illustrations

Cathy's Wee Victorian Fashion Page--Fashion plates from magazines of the Victorian Era.

The Costume Gallery--A central location on the web for fashion and costume

The Costume Page--Over 2000 links to Costuming Resources on-line, from ancient times to modern

Costume Related Links--Links to costume sites from a professional costumer

The Costumer's Manifesto--The history of costume, with hundreds of fashion plate reproductions and more than 1000 links to costume sites

Costuming Guide --Costume site sponsored by the Renaissance Faire

Diary of a Young Lady--Read a girl's account of her trials and tribulations with her first real corset

Eras of Elegance--An introduction to the history of western fashion, with illustrations

Fashion-Era--Fashion History, Costume History, Clothing, Textiles and Social History, with many illustrations

The History of Opera Gloves--A history of the opera glove from its inception in the 16th century to the present.

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion--Small but detailed site with graphics and descriptions of Regency costume

The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion--Articles, illustrations and free patterns for Victorian and Edwardian fashions

Lady Diane Hats--Order custom-made Victorian hats

Milieux - The Costume Site--Information and links for historical costumers

Morbid Outlook: Victorian Mourning Garb--article on Victorian mourning rituals and fashions

Museum of Costume--Official site of this Bath museum

Reforming Fashion--Ohio State University's history of fashion reform from 1850-1914

The Regency Fashion Page--Color and line art images of Regency Fashion

The Regency Neckcloth--A brief history of the neckcloth in the Regency Era and instructions on how to tie the different styles

Sewing a Century Ago--The implements and methods used to hand-sew garments in the 1900s

Victorian Fashion--From Apparel Search, a thorough look at fashion through the decades

Victorian Timeline in Fashion and Events--Includes summary of fashions, including accessories, with photos and glossary



AltaVista Photofinder--Just type in a name or phrase and AltaVista will bring you photos off the Internet plus links to the sites

Archival Collections--List of Collections in the United States and other countries

Bank of England--Official site of the Bank of England, including historical facts and information

Biographical Dictionary--Database of 25,000 people from the past--search by name, date or keyword

Biography--Thumbnail sketches of the lives of over 20,000 famous people

Brit Speak--A dictionary of British slang. with links to more British English sites

Britain in the USA--Links to British Information and on-line resources

Britain USA--FAQ--The most frequently asked questions (and answers!) about Britain

British Culture, British Customs, British Traditions: British Food--A brief history of British cuisine, with recipes

Visit Britain --Links to everything British including on-line resources

Daily Almanacs--comprehensive list of births, deaths, world events, holidays and observances for every day of the year

Digital Librarian--A librarian's choice of the best of the web--this site is divided into 90 categories, from ancient history to current affairs.

The Discovery Channel--The online site for the acclaimed television channel

The Domesday Book--Parital contents and a history of this famous printing

Edible Flowers--We all grow them and place them in vases, but how many of us eat them?  Here's a guide on which ones you can eat and which ones to avoid

Eighteenth Century Resources--Links to on-line 18th century sources for writing, language and history

English slang and colloquialisms used in the United Kingdom--Historic and modern slang terms used in the UK

Equine Info--Your gateway to horses and everything horse-related

Find a Grave--Discover where the world's most infamous people are buried, as well as the common folk

The Food Timeline--The beginnings of foods, links to more more detailed histories, and recipes

Historic Maps--Printable versions of historical maps of the British Isles

Historic Traveler--Have a yearning to travel?  This site has tours to historic destinations.

The Inflation Calculator--Calculates American dollar amounts of the past into what that amount would be equal to today

The International Museum of the Horse--Information on 85 breeds and extensive links

Inventors and Inventions--Brief articles on inventions and inventors from 1851-1900

iTools--Quick access to the best Internet tools

Languages of the World--Learn the history and linguistics of language families throughout the world

Legends--A collection of myths, magic and legends, including Robin Hood, swashbucklers, fairy tales and more

Library of Congress--On-line catalog of the Library of Congress and reproductions of many historic documents

Lombard Street: A Description of the Money Market--A classic analysis of the British banking system which was the basis for reform for many other European banking systems

MeaningS of Life--Using Philosophy in everyday life

MegaConverter 2--Convert anything mathematical from area to kitchen measurements at the touch of a button

Mrs. Beeton's Every-Day Cookery and Housekeeping Book--Online facsimile of this Victorian publication.

Museum of London--Web site for this historical museum

National Railway Museum--Virtual tour, historical facts and exhibit information for the United Kingdom's National Railway Museum

Our Time Lines--Create a time line for your characters.  Just enter a date and you will have a customized historical time line with important political and social events.

Paul's Traditional Christmas Pudding--The most comprehensive site on Christmas puddings

Postcard and Greeting Card Museum--The art and history of greeting cards

Prints George--A collection of Georgian, Regency and Victorian prints, puzzles, etc, with links to more sites

Railways in the 19th Century--History of railways and the people involved in building them in Victorian Britain.

Royal Residences--Facts, virtual tours and information on the Royal Residences of Britain's monarchy

Rules for Inheritance of Titles of Nobility--A brief overview of the lines of inheritance and rules governing estates in England

Special Collections on the Web--Links to indexes which provide links to individual archival repositories

The Tea Council--Learn all about tea and its history from the country that knows it best

Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites--Annual list from PC Magazine, on subjects from medicine to reference

UK Archival Repositories on the Internet--List of web sites containing UK archives

Victoria and Albert Museum--An overview of this museum

Victoria Research Web--Guide to researching the Victorian era, both on-line and print

Victorian Money--Explains the types of money in use in Victorian Britain

Voice of the Shuttle--A web page for humanities research--the arts, philosophy, history and government

The Wallace Collection--Home Page of the Wallace Collection at Hertford House

World eBook Library--Free access to over 27,000 eBooks on a variety of topics



Deaths, Disturbances, Disasters and Disorders in Chicago--from 1833 to the present

Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin Design--Brief article on how Whitney's cotton gin influenced the Civil War (thank you to Sally C. for this link)

Historic Pittsburgh--Maps, census statistics and articles on Pittsburgh

The History of Thanksgiving--The History Channel's documentation of the history of Thanksgiving.

James River Plantations--History and photographs of plantations along the James River, from the National Registry.

Jim Janke's OLD WEST--Links to Internet sites on all subjects regarding America's Old West

Measuring America: The Decennial Censuses from 1790-2000--From the U.S. Census Bureau, questionnaires from every census from 1790-2000, and a history of the Census.

The Most Dangerous Woman in America--A history of Typhoid Mary

Museum of Funeral Customs--Provides the public with a deeper understanding of the history of American funeral and mourning customs, funerary art and practice

National Orphan Train Complex, Inc.--Museum dedicated to the preservation of the stories and artifacts and those who were part of the Orphan Train Movement 1854-1929.

Old West--Good source for links to the Wild West with some historical information

The Overland Trail--A look at the trail, the route and the ride, with links to more sites

Panoramic Maps 1847-1929--A division of the Library of Congress, this site has panoramic maps of major U.S. cities, with the ability to zoom in on any area of the map.

Resources and Links on Women in American History--These links will help with research, curriculums, or putting together your own historical play, skit or reenactment

ROOTS-L Resources: United States Resources--A Guide to U.S. Genealogy

Smithsonian Institution Encyclopedia--Selected articles for all aspects of American cultural history.

Sunday School Books--A collection of 163 Sunday school books published in America between 1815 and 1865

United States Historical Census Data Browser--Data describing the people and economy of the U.S. by state and county from 1790 to 1970

The Wild Wild West--A small but fun site with some biographies on Outlaws/Marshals and links to other Wild West sites on the Internet

Williamsburg On-line--Visitor information with some historical attraction info


History--America's Civil War

American Civil War Collections--Includes a variety of primary source material on the American Civil War, including letters, diaries and newspapers.

American Civil War Home Page--Gathers in one place hypertext links to the most useful e-files about the Civil War

Civil War Information--Excellent source for links to everything on the American Civil War

Historical New York Times Project--Digitization of historic issues of the New York Times

Poetry and Music of the War Between the States--An insight into the thoughts and emotions of the men who faced each other on the battlefields

Women And The Civil War--Suggested reading regarding women's roles in the Civil War



The 19th Century City--A view of city life in England in the 19th century

Bath Postal Museum Online tour of the Bath Museum

BBC Online--History--The official site of the British Broadcasting Company's Historical archives

Britannia History--This history section of the Britannia site includes a look at documents that shaped history--timelines, bios of monarchs and much more.

British Ancestors--A site to help you trace your British roots

British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate 1638-1660--Comprehensive site covering this period in British History

British History Online--The digital library of text and information about people, places and businesses from the medieval to the early modern period

The British Monarchy--The official web site of the British Monarchy with current information and a bit of history

The British Museum--A look at World History through collections at the British Museum

British Titles of Nobility--Definitions of titles and terms

Carlyle, Panizzi and the Public Library Ideal--A history of the London Library

Casebook of Jack the Ripper--Introduction, list of suspects, witnesses, police documents and more about this Victorian serial killer

Castles of Britain--Dedicated to the study and promotion of British Castles

Castles of Wales--Provides information on over 400 Welsh castles, with topics ranging from Welsh medieval history to castle terminology.

Chatsworth--Official site of the Chatsworth Estate

Dr. Johnson's House--A look at this residence turned museum of Dr. Samuel Johnson, who complied the first comprehensive English dictionary.

Electric Scotland--The past, present and future of Scotland

Elizabeth I--A site about Elizabeth I, including a biography, political history, daily life and much more

Elizabethan England--A High School student project including articles on various aspects of Elizabethan life as well as a bibliography

English Christmas Traditions and Customs--Learn about Christmas in England from past to present

English History--A small site, with info about Keats and Byron, also with more detail on Tudor England

The Georgian Index--A good source for this specific period in history

Gravely Gorgeous--Gargoyles, Grotesques and the 19th Century imagination

Great Britain and the United Kingdom--Comprehensive list of links

The Growth and Impact of Railways--A brief history of the growth of railways in Britain, with links to more sites

Harewood House--A history of this Palladian house, with a virtual tour

Heraldry on the Internet--This site is designed to help you conduct heraldic research on the Internet

Historical Research in Europe--A guide to archives and libraries

Irish History on the Web--Links to Irish history including reading and the Famine

Jane Austen's World--Find information about Jane Austen, her works, and the people she knew.

Ken's Web Sampler: Middle Ages & Renaissance--Links to On-line sources for studies and societies

The London Bridge Museum--A history of the London Bridge from Roman times to present

The Metropolitan Police--A History--The official site of the London Metropolitan Police--a look into today, as well as the past

Monarchies of Europe--Relationships between Queen Victoria's Descendants and Other European Royal Houses

Moving Here--Explores two-hundred years of migration to England

Museum of London--Learning--Discover London's history online

Outlaws and Highwaymen--The History of Highwaymen and their predecessors, the Medieval Outlaws

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey London 1674-1834--Contains accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court.

Queen Victoria's Empire--Companion site to the PBS series

The Ragged School Museum--Learn about these London schools from the Victorian era

The Regency Collection--Links, articles and information on the Regency era

The Regency Page--Fashion, History, Culture and Romances of the Regency Era along with some links to other Regency sites

A Regency Repository--A collection of information on the arts, literature, fashion, personalities, inventions, domestic arts and military matters of the Regency era.

The Renaissance Faire--Accents, Costuming, etc., from Elizabethan times

Renaissance Secrets--Learn about different aspects of life in Renaissance times

The Royal Navy--A brief overview of the British Royal Navy, with a history of uniforms and definitions of slang terms 

Royalty.nu: Queen Victoria--Biographical articles and links to Victorian resources

Scottish Highlands and Islands--A history web site with articles, timelines, and links, maintained by historian and author Robert M. Gunn

Society for Creative Anachronism--Official web site for this international organization dedicated to researching and recreating pre-17th C. European history

Spartacus Educational--A division of the Spartacus Publishing Co, this is an on-line encyclopedia of British History

Sussex Archaeology and Folklore--History, customs, folklore, ghosts and more on this site dedicated to Sussex

Thames Pilot--A collection of images and documents that collect the history of the River Thames

The Tower of London--The official site for this historic landmark, full of fascinating information

UK Heritage Railways--A guide to the railway scene in the UK and Ireland, with a brief history of the railway lines.

The UK Honours System--A history and description of the United Kingdom's Honours System, which recognizes merit and service to the nation

United Kingdom Parliament--A look at Parliament today, with a history of the House of Commons and House of Lords

Useful Dates in British History--Timeline of important historical dates in British history

Victoria &Albert Museum--Access to Images--searchable database of photos of V&A items 

The Victorian Census Project--This Staffordshire University project aims to computerize source documents relating to Great Britain and Ireland in the nineteenth century.

Victorian London Map--Close-ups of what the city looked like in Victorian times

Victorian School Days--A look at school life in the late Victorian Era

Women's Suffrage--From Spartacus Education, a history of the women's vote in the United Kingdom

The Workhouse--A social, political, economic and architectural history of this Victorian institution



Best History Sites--Rates and ranks history-related web sites for all historical periods

Chambers's Book of Days--A miscellany of popular antiquities in connection with the calendar (reprint from the University of Wisconsin)

Christmas--How did it start?--A history of Christmas and how it influenced the Victorian celebration

The Cost of Living in 1888--Includes this information along with links to other wage-related pages

Deb's Historical Research Page--Wealth of links for all time periods, from author Deb Lawson.

dMarie Time Capsule--Enter a date, and get headlines, birthdays, top songs, etc., for the day

Early Modern Women Database--Searchable database of the evolving modern woman from the 14th to 19th centuries.

Fordham University Library's History Research Guide--An online reference tool sponsored by Fordham University

The Gaming Table; Its Votaries and Victims--Complete e-text of the history of gambling throughout the world

GenDocs--An extensive source of information for the genealogical study of England and Ireland

Hereditary Titles--A who's who of the Noble classes, Peerage system and its titles 

Historical Country Names--List of country's former names, their current equivalent, with a brief history of the country.

Historical Text Archive--Extensive links to historical sites, including maps

History--British Isles --a searchable structure for scholarly resources

The History Buff's Home Page--Created by Newspaper Collector's Society of America-devoted to newspaper press coverage of events in American history

The History Channel--Home Page of the Cable Television program

The History House--The history and origin of some very obscure items, with links and articles

The History Net--List of history-related links

History Wired--The Smithsonian Institution's experimental site introduces visitors to some of the three million objects in the National Museum of American History.

The Horus Project --Many links to history sites

HyperHistory On-Line--Timelines of concurring historical events from ancient to present

Index of Resources for Historians--Comprehensive list of On-line links for all aspects of history-Categorized by Subgenre

Internet Resources in History--Many history links by subject, time period, sites, etc.

List of Occupations--Extensive list of occupations, some archaic, defined

The Mining Company--(History--The 19th Century)--Links, information, articles and a newsletter dedicated to history in the 19th century

Odin's Castle--Archive of history and historical resources

The Online Guide to Tradtional Games: History and Useful Information--History, useful links and information about tradtional games from around the world

PBS.org--Official web site for this broadcasting system station

The Perpetual Calendar--A helpful tool for historians, this site also explains Julian and Gregorian calendars.

Romantic Chronology--Chronological listing of events in History-17th C. to 1851

Rulers--List of Rulers and Heads of State by country and date

Saint Valentine's Day--History and traditions surrounding the holiday

Special Events in History--Want to know what happened on a certain day in history?  Here's the link you need.

Timeline of Regency England--Key events from before and during the English Regency Period

Timeline 1901--Queen Victoria died on January 22, 1901.  Learn all that happened in the world the year of her death.

Women and the Sea--A history of women and their link to the sea, from The Mariner's Museum

WWW Virtual Library-History--Over 1700 History links arranged by subject

Yahoo's Gateway to History--Excellent source for links to History pages, arranged by subject



Camelot International--A site for medieval history, European Royalty, Camelot overview and peerages, with a searchable index

Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library--List of links to related sites on the Internet

The Labyrinth--Georgetown University's links to Medieval Resources

Medieval English Towns--Articles and links with an emphasis on Medieval boroughs of East Anglia

Medieval Glossary & Information--A glossary of Medieval terms, nothing more

Medieval Names Archive--Collection of articles on Medieval and Renaissance names

Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Page--Informative page about wedding customs and procedures

Medieval Resources--A Page of Links

Medieval Sourcebook--Links to other sites for medieval information

Mostly Medieval--Exploring the Middle Ages--Detailed site on life in the Middle Ages




Archaic Medical Terms--Definitions of archaic medical terms, with links to related sites

Glossary of Old Diseases--A page of definitions for many 'old' diseases

The James Lind Library--Searchable site for papers and treatises written on various aspects of medicine, some with samples of actual text

John Snow--A page about the life and times of Dr. John Snow, a prominent figure in public health, epidemiology and anesthesiology

Nineteenth Century Medicine--Medicine in the 19th century--From quackery to bacteriology

Victorian Medicine--Comprehensive study of professional and traditional medicinal practice in England between 1830 and 1910

Wellcome Images--Two thousand years of mankind and medicine in pictures


Publications On-Line

Affaire de Coeur--On-line version of the review magazine

All You Can Read.com--On-line guide to newspapers and magazines from around the world

Book Page--Reviews of current releases

British Heritage--On-line version of the magazine

Godey's Lady's Book--Reprints of a popular 19th Century lady's book (1855-1858)

Godey's Lady's Book Online--Reprints of a popular 19th Century lady's book (Five issues from 1850)

The Ladies: A Journal of the Court, Fashion and Society--Reprints of this 19th century magazine

National Geographic--On-line version of the magazine

Newspapers of the Old West--Reprints of newspapers from the Western U.S.

Penny Magazine On-line--On-line version of this 19th Century weekly magazine

Renaissance Magazine Online--On-line version of the magazine with useful links

Romantic Times--On-line version of the magazine

Smithsonian Magazine--On-line version of the magazine with contests and links

Victoriana--Free Online Magazine

Writer's Digest--On-line version of the magazine


Publishers--Electronic Media

Awe-Struck E-Books

DiskUs Publishing

Dreams Unlimited

Echelon Press

Five Star Publications

Hard Shell Word Factory

Infinity Publishing

New Concepts Publishing

Petals of Life

SandS Publishing

Wings Press


Publishers--Print Media (Some publishers include writing and submission guidelines in their sites)

Avon Books

Ballantine Publishing


Dorchester Publishing (Leisure, Lovespell)

Harper Paperbacks

Harlequin/Silhouette/Mira Books

Kensington Publishing Corporation (Zebra)

LionHearted Publishing

Medallion Press

Penguin/Putnam Books (Signet/Dutton/Onyx/Topaz)

Pocket Books

St. Martin's Press

Xlibris (Book-on-demand publishers)


Societies and Associations

The Daguerreian Society--Dedicated to the history, science, and art of the daguerreotype

The Gunpowder Plot Society--A history of the period, the various facts and theories surrounding the plot to blow up Parliament, profiles on the conspirators and more

Novelists, Inc.--Dedicated to serving the needs of multi-published writers of popular fiction 

The Romantic Novelists' Association--Home page of this national organization based in Great Britian

Romance Writers of America--Home Page of the National Office

Royal Oak Foundation--The American branch of the British National Trust, with all the same benefits

Georgian, Regency and Victorian Research --Learn about London Society during the Georgian, Regency and Victorian periods. This site is operated by Kristine Hughes, researcher and Romantic Times columnist.

The Victorian Society (United Kingdom)--Home Pages of the Society

The Victorian Society in America--On-line information about the VSA

The William Morris Society--A site devoted to William Morris (1834-96), the British craftsman, designer, writer, typographer, and Socialist.



1876 Victorian England Revisited--A time-travel adventure through life in an 1876 English townhouse

All The Year 'Round--A 19th Century miscellany for the genteel reader

An Online Dating Guide to Courting in the Victorian Era--Article on courting customs in the Victorian Era, with links to additional sites

Britain Express: The Victorian Period--Brief articles on different aspects of daily life

Duttie's Just Victorian--have fun exploring this site full of Victoriana

Lace-Paper Valentines--Scrapbook images of Victorian-era valentines

The Ladies of Reenacting Victorian Page--Articles and links for everything Victorian from conversation to sewing to weddings

The Language of Love--Romance etiquette in the Victorian era

Letters of a Victorian Lady--Read actual correspondence between a Victorian woman and her family/friends

My Vintage Charm--A wonderful source for creating the perfect Victorian Wedding

Queen Victoria--Annotated Bibliography for Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria: A Biography--Complete eText of the biography by Lytton Strachey from About.com

Queen Victoria: Grandmother of Europe--A brief history of Queen Victoria, her ancestors and heirs

Queen Victoria--Images of Her World--Hundreds of photos of Queen Victoria and her family throughout the years

The Scrap Album--An introduction to the Victorian Scrap Album

Time Traveller's Guide to Victorian Britain--BBC's Channel 4 resources for Victorian Britain

Towne Victorian--A view into 19th century history and society

Victoria & Albert: Vicky & the Kaiser--An online tour of an exhibition at the German History Museum with narrative and photos

Victorian Bridal Museum--Relives the romanticism of the Victorian Era, with authentic bridal costumes

Victorian Dictionary--Learn about daily life in Victorian London in this extensive site

A Victorian Education--Includes a typical day, and the tools and books used to teach Victorian children

Victorian England--A brief overview of life in Victorian England

Victorian England, An Introduction--A brief but informative description of Victorian England

Victorian London Research--Explore streets and London as they were in the Victorian era

Victorian Mourning Customs--What people wore, and how they mourned the deceased in Victorian times

Victorian Station--Links to all things Victorian

Victorian Style Houses--Articles, tips, news and information about Victorian Style Houses

Victorian Tiles--Photos of many different ceramic tiles used in decorating and architecture

The Victorian Timeline in Fashion and Events--A thorough history of Victorian fashion from Romance Reader at Heart

The Victorian Turkish Bath--What is a Turkish Bath, and why were they popular during Victorian times?

The Victorian Web--Links to On-line resources for history in the Victorian Era

Victorian Web Sites--Excellent source of links to everything Victorian, with Regency and Romanticism also

Victoriana: Resources for Victorian Living--Articles, resources, shopping links, etc., to Victorian living


Writing Resources

Absolute Authority--Your central hub for exploring the world of writing on the web

Absolute Write--Articles, interviews and forums on writing, from non-fiction to historical romance to freelance writing

Alicia Rasley's Writer's Corner--Lots of great writing advice and information from the RITA winning author

All Experts--Ask a question and get an answer on all topics from this staff of volunteers

The American-British Dictionary--Find the British equivalent for an American word or phrase

Art Deadlines List--A monthly newsletter providing information about contests, etc. for writing and all the arts

The Art of Self-Promotion--A quarterly newsletter for quick, action-oriented Internet marketing tips for anyone running a business, including on-line tips

Ask Oxford--Have a question about the English language?  Experts will have the answer for you.

Awesome Library--Contains 14,000 reviewed resources for teachers, students and parents

Booktalk--Learn about authors, agents, publishers and the writing business

BookWire--The first place to look for Book information on the World Wide Web

Cash4Books--Get cash for your used books--and they pay the shipping!

The Center for the Book--Library of Congress index to book fairs and literary events across the U.S. and around the world

Clutterbug.net--Learn how to simplify your life through organization

Charlotte Dillon's Resources for Romance Writers--Many useful links for the romance writer

Common Errors in English--A study of deviations from the standard usage of the English language

The Copyright Website--All you wanted to know about copyrights

Earthly Charms--Specializing in gifts and promotional items for readers and writers

Electronic Books--Site for free e-books, readers and more, maintained by the Stockton-San Joaquin County Library

The Fiction Factor--Links to articles and sites about the business of writing

For Writers Only--A wealth of links for the writer

Fun with Words--The wordplay web site.

The Glossarist--A searchable directory of glossaries and topical dictionaries

Google.com--New, focused search engine

Indispensable Writing Resources--From Quintessential Careers, a wealth of writing resources

Inkspot--Great source of information on markets and genres for beginners or established writers

Language Dictionaries and Translators--Links to sites with multilingual dictionaries and translating services

Letters, Letter-writing and Other Intimate Discourse--A small site but fun about the lost art of letter-writing, with links to letter-related web sites

Librarian's Index to the Internet--A searchable, annotated subject directory of more than 7,000 Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries.

LibrarySpot--Links to reference sites, libraries, magazines, etc.  A great place to start your search.

Literary Links and Charms--A wealth of 'Net resources and information on writing tips, research tips, authors, media and more

Misc. Writing--This site is a UseNet Newsgroup that provides a forum for discussing all facets of writing, as well as links to listserves in all genres.

On-line Resources for Writers--Links to advice, grammar, etc.

Page ONE--An award-winning free online newsletter and web site about writers for writers

The Passionate Pen--Site for readers and writers of romance

Piers Anthony's Internet Publishing--A survey if e-Publishers from this best-selling writer

PoeWars.com--Articles and links for writers

Preditors & Editors--A guide to publishers and writing services for serious writers

Publishing Central--Learn about the world of publishing, from books to magazines to publishing houses

Refdesk.com--A great source for finding facts on the Internet

Research Links--A nice variety of research links compiled by romance author April Kihlstrom

The Resource Shelf--List of internet resources compiled by librarians and researchers

Romance Authors Research Index--Part of the Romance Authors Page, this is a list of handy links for romance writers

Romance Notes--Links to many writing-related srouces for romance writers

Romance Novel Database--Database of Romance novels searchable by title, author and subgenre

Romance Writers United--An organization for the development of a positive writing community

Romance Writing Contests--Information on romance-friendly writing contests, and links to articles about contests

Romance Writing Tips--An online writer's group for romance writers

The RoMANtic's Guide--Learn how to keep the romance alive in your relationship

Search-22 Reference Services--Links to general reference sites

SPAWN--Web site for the Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network

Sreetips.com--Tips for better results in internet searches

St. Rose Press--A showcase for new authors, viewed by publishers, agents and other writers

SYMBOLS.com--Find the meaning of a symbol or create your own. Search by symbol type or word.

The Thirty-Six (plus one) Dramatic Situations--Jump start your imagination using this plotting grid

Tips for Writers--From Moira Anderson Allen, articles on writing and the business of writing

United States Copyright Office--The official site of the copyright office, maintained by the Library of Congress

USA Today Books--Top 150 Bestsellers for the week

Wacky Writer's World--Links and tips related to writing-the craft of writing, the business of writing and other topics of interest to writers

WordOrigins--This site is devoted to the origins of words and phrases

World Wide Words--An exploration of the English language from a British viewpoint

Write It Now--Novel writing software. Create complete novels and stories and keep control of all the background details. Try the free demo version.

Writer Beware--From the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers organization, this page warns writers of scams out there preying on the unaware

Writer Wellness--Learn how to cope with the stresses of a writing career

Writer's Avenue--Home of "The Historical Romance Writer's Guidebook," with links to site for writers

Writers' Guidelines Database--Submission guidelines for major magazines and journals 

The Writer's Nook--A wealth of links for writers in all stages of their career

Writer's Resources--Large list of resource links from grammar to research

WritersWeekly--Articles, markets and tips for the freelance writer, with a free weekly e-zine

Writers Write--For writers of all genres, this site includes articles on the craft of writing, guidelines, and a monthly journal.


For bibliographic information, see Researching the Romance here on Literary Liaisons

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