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Featured Title:

"Are You My Type, Am I Yours?"



Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele





$16.95 (PB)

(Check for pricing--discounts may vary.)


About the Enneagram and Relationships


The Perfectionist (the One)


The Helper (the Two)


The Achiever (the Three)


The Romantic (the Four)


The Observer (the Five)


The Questioner (the Six)


The Adventurer (the Seven)


The Asserter (the Eight)


The Peacemaker (the Nine)


How to Get Along Using the Eight Myers-Briggs Preferences




Recommended Reading




SYNOPSIS: Although this book is meant to help you understand your own Enneagram and find a compatible partner, it is a wonderful tool in creating characters.  More important, it is a wonderful tool for creating conflict in characters.  The Enneagram is a personality-typing system that categorizes people into nine different types.  Some are compatible, some are not.  Learn the characteristics of each type, then create characters at opposite ends of the spectrum for maximum tension and conflict.  For example, what if you paired an Achiever (one who wants success and needs to avoid failure) with an Observer, who likes to be self-sufficient and left alone?  Or an Asserter who needs to be self-reliant and strong, with a Peacemaker, who is often passive and ambivalent?  You'll have fun studying the nine types and creating your own characters around these personalities.  This book is easy to read and even gives suggestions on how to get along with other personality types not normally compatible with you.


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