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Featured Title:

"How to Write a Damn Good Novel"



James N. Frey






(Check for pricing--discounts may vary.)






1. What It's All About is "Who"


2. The Three Greatest Rules of Dramatic Writing: Conflict! Conflict! Conflict!


3. The Tyranny of the Premise, or, Writing a Story Without a Premise Is Like Rowing a Boat Without Oars


4. The ABC's of Storytelling




5. Rising to the Climax, or, the Proof of the Pudding is in the Premise


6. Viewpoint, Point of View, Flashbacking, and Some Nifty Gadgets in the Novelist's Bag of Tricks


7. The Fine Art of Great Dialogue and Sensous, Dramatic Prose


8. Rewriting: The Final Agonies


9. The Zen of Novel Writing




SYNOPSIS: Are you a beginner writer looking for information or a professional looking to refresh himself on basic writing skills?  Either way, this book will help you.  The author gives you helpful and sensible rules to guide your talents and inspiration through the agonies of writing a novel.  From finding a character's motivations, to creating internal and external conflicts, to building up to that final climax without falling flat, this book will help you map out and create your own masterpiece.  There is even advice on editing the final draft and having what it takes to be a novelist.  A great resource for beginners, it is a useful and easy-to-read guide for a writer at any level.


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