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Featured Title:

"Hints on Household Taste"



Charles L. Eastlake






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Chapter One

Street Architecture


Chapter Two

The Entrance Hall


Chapter Three

The Dining-Room


Chapter Four

The Floor and the Wall


Chapter Five

The Library


Chapter Six

The Drawing-Room



Chapter Seven



Chapter Eight

The Bed-Room


Chapter Nine



Chapter Ten

Table Glass


Chapter Eleven

Dress and Jewellery


Chapter Twelve

Plate and Cutlery




SYNOPSIS: This is a reproduction of a volume first printed in 1868. In its time, this book told contemporaries what was proper, beautiful and efficient, influencing many.  This book covers almost all aspects of domestic living, from rugs and floor coverings to beds to color combinations and fabrics. Not only is it a good research book for your writing, it is a valuable source for anyone who collects antiques.  It is generously illustrated, helping you visualize that perfect setting.


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