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Featured Title:

"Steal this Plot"



June and William Noble



Paul S. Eriksson




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Part One: Plotting the Steal

     1. Structuring the Story

     2. Spacing the Story


Part Two: Motivating the Plot

     3. Vengeance

     4. Catastrophe

     5. Love and Hate

     6. The Chase

     7. Grief and Loss

     8. Rebellion

     9. Betrayal


10. Persecution

     11. Self-sacrifice

     12. Survival

     13. Rivalry

     14. Discovery (Quest)

     15. Ambition


Part Three: To Steal or Not to Steal

     16. Plagiarism and Copyright

     17. Answers to Some Questions






SYNOPSIS: There are only so many basic plots.  This book is about studying the basic plot motivators and using them to structure your own story.  But the motivators are just the beginning.  This book will help you build on each of the plot motivators and develop a story with substance and direction.  It will also provide guidelines for where to draw the line between borrowing an idea and plagiarism.  A useful book for any novelist or would-be novelist.


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