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Featured Title:

"Moseman's Illustrated Catalog of Horse Furnishing Goods"



C.M. Moseman and Brother



Dover Publications

5th edition Reproduction




(Check for pricing--discounts may vary.)


Should Be Carefully Read


Correspondence Bureau


Stable Requisites SECTION


Halters, Muzzles, Halter Ties and Hitching Weights SECTION


Oils and Dressings SECTION


Veterinary Preparations SECTION


Stallion Shields, Boots, Toe Weights, &c. SECTION


Bitting Harness, Hopples and Spreaders SECTION


Riding and Driving Bits SECTION


Whip Sockets and Whips SECTION


Four-in-Hand and Double Harness Ornaments, Etc. SECTION


Double Harness SECTION


Carriage Robes


Horse Clothing and Fly Nets SECTION


Clipping Machines, Sleighing Plumes, Chimes and Body Straps of Bells SECTION


Saddle and Bridle SECTION


Miscellaneous SECTION




SYNOPSIS: This is one of Dover Publications many reproductions of old catalogs and books.  While there isn't much information given on the products, this book will give you an excellent idea of the products and goods needed to run a gentleman's stable.  The catalog is all illustrations, categorized by type of product, from liniments and boot paste, to both western and English saddles.  No prices are given--just the promise of "All Goods shown in this Section furnished at Lowest Wholesale Prices."  The "Should be Carefully Read" and "Correspondence Bureau" pages give an insight into the way business was conducted back in 1893.  A read more fun than informative, it can still give you good ideas for your stories.   


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