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Featured Title:

"The Timetables of History"



Bernard Grun



Simon & Schuster

4th Rev. edition




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Publisher's Note




Timetables 5000B.C. to 1990



SYNOPSIS: While the book lacks an official Table of Contents, it definitely does not lack in information.  Unlike other encyclopedias of history, which list events and people alphabetically and give you a paragraph on each, this volume breaks events down by category within each year, and is merely an informational piece, without any descriptions or definitions.  It provides a horizontal linking of people and events in the following categories: "History & Politics," "Literature & Theater," "Religion, Philosophy & Learning," "Visual Arts," "Music," "Science, Technology & Growth," and "Daily Life."  Each page has all these columns, with the years down the margin to illustrate which events happened in which year.  Examples of listings include books published, births & deaths of famous people, inventions, and laws passed, to name just a few. It's an easy and fun way to see what was happening the year your book takes place.  You can use this information to help you plot out your story by using real events to shape your characters.  An index helps you find information by subject.   


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