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Gloria Kempton



Writers Digest Books




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Chapter One

Releasing the Voice Within--The Purpose of Dialogue


Chapter Two

Mute Characters and Stories--Abolishing Your Fears


Chapter Three

The Genre, Mainstream and Literary Story--The Dialogue Matters


Chapter Four

Wheels of Motion--Dialogue That Propels Your Story Forward


Chapter Five

Narrative, Dialogue and Action--Learning to Weave the Spoken Word


Chapter Six

In Their Own Words--Delivering the Characters and Their Motivations


Chapter Seven

There is a Place--Using Dialogue to Reveal Story Setting and Background


Chapter Eight

Brakes or Accelerator--Dialogue as a Means of Pacing




Chapter Nine

Tightening the Tension and Suspense--Dialogue That Identifies the Conflict


Chapter Ten

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night--Using Dialogue to Set the Mood and Facilitate the Emotion


Chapter Eleven

The Uhs, Ands and Ers--Some How-Tos of Dialogue Quirks


Chapter Twelve

Whoops! Dialogue That Doesn't Deliver--The Most Common Mistakes


Chapter Thirteen

Punctuation and Last-Minute Consideration--Tying Up Loose Ends


Chapter Fourteen

Dialogue Dos and Don'ts--Some Practical Tips


Chapter Fifteen

Connecting with Readers--You Can Make a Difference





SYNOPSIS: This book is part of the Writer's Digest "Write Great Fiction" series.  From Gloria Kempton, it includes techniques and exercises for crafting effective dialogue.  Unlike other writing references on dialogue, this book shows in addition to telling.  Each chapter not only gives numerous examples of successful dialogue taken from best-selling novels, but also provides chapter-ending exercises to help readers apply the lessons learned.  You will learn to make scene three-dimensional with narration, action and dialogue and learn how difference types of novels require different types of dialogue.  A must-have for the fiction writer. 


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