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Featured Title:

"You Can Market Your Book"



Carmen Leal 



Write Now Publications


ISBN#1932124004 $15.00

(Check for discount amount)*



Introduction: Beyond the Field of Dreams


Section One: Project and Site Preparation


1. The Blueprint: Marketing--Conception, Configuration, Creation


2. Framing Your Project: The Title and Cover as a Sales Tool


3. Insulate Your Structure: Endorsements, Reviews, Speaking Platforms


Section Two: Choosing the Right Tools and Materials


4. Power Tools: Creating Winning Press Kits and Press Releases


5. Hand Tools: Promotions, Ad Specialties, Book Signings




6. Caulking the Gaps: Media Promotions


7. Climbing the Scaffold: Developing a Speaking Platform


8. Finishing Touches: Online (Internet ) Promotions



Section Three: Finding the Right Subcontractors

9. Credentials and Credibility: Working with Professionals


Section Four: Executing Your Plan

10. Open House: God-Inspired Author Success Stories



11. The Finished Product: Final Words


Recommended Books


SYNOPSIS: In this tight market, it isn't enough to just write a book and have it published.  In order to be successful in both sales and career advancement, you must market your book, and market it effectively.  This reference will help you set up an effective marketing plan, beginning months before your book is on the shelves.  You will learn how press kits, book signings and speaking engagements can help sales, and advance you as a writer and expert in your field.



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