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Featured Title:

"Victorian Things"



Asa Briggs



University of Chicago Press


ISBN#0226074838 (HB) $42.00

ISBN#0750933399 (PB) 12.99

(Check for discount amount)*







Chapter One

Things as Emissaries


Chapter Two

'The Great Victorian Collection'


Chapter Three

'The Philosophy of the Eye' Spectacles, Cameras and the New Vision


Chapter Four

'Images of Fame'


Chapter Five

'The Wonders of Common Things'


Chapter Six

'Hearth and Home'


Chapter Seven

Hats, Caps and Bonnets


Chapter Eight

'Carboniferous Capitalism': Coal, Iron and Paper


Chapter Nine

Stamps--Used and Unused


Chapter Ten

New Things--and Old


Bibliographic Note




SYNOPSIS: This book is a look at how the material things people invent and purchase reflect upon their values.  The third in a trilogy from Asa Briggs (Victorian Cities and Victorian People,) Briggs explores capital enterprise, museums, exhibitions, furnishings, decorations and industry, and the meaning they had on everyday Victorian people, and how culture evolved because of them.



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