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Featured Title:

"The Victorian Underworld"



Donald Thomas



John Murray Publishers

Paperback Edition


$24.95 (Check for discount amount)*





Prologue: Darkest England




1. Victoria's Other London

2. The Dodgers and the Swell Mob

3. Modern Babylon

4. The Unknown Victorian

5. 'More deadly than prussic acid'

6. Entertainments: Town and Turf

7. 'Misapplied genius'






8. Lagged for Life

9. Justice Denid

10. The Arrest of Scotland Yard

11. Past and Future







SYNOPSIS: The word 'Victorian' conjures up images of gentility and high culture, propriety and social manners.  This book explores the other side of the Victorian world, that of crime.  So organized, thieves, forgers, pickpockets and beggars created their own insular community--a community which hated the police and preyed on the rich--and sometimes even the poor. You can explore this world yourself through the eyes of the author as the past comes alive.



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