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Featured Title:

"Organize Yourself!"



Ronni Eisenberg

with Kate Kelly




Paperback Edition


$12.95 (Check for discount amount)*




Part I: Getting Control of Your Time

1 Procrastination

2 Managing Interruptions

3 The Telephone

4 Getting Out of the House on Time

5 Preserving Personal Time

6 Twenty-Two Time Wasters to Avoid

7 How to Use a Kitchen Timer to Manage Time


Part II: Paperwork

 8 Books

 9 Calendars

10 The Family Computer

11 Desk Organization

12 Filing Systems

13 Health Records

14 Mail, E-Mail and Faxes

15 Resource File


Part III: Financial Records

16 Banking

17 Bill-paying

18 Budgeting

19 Financial Master List

20 Investments

21 Medical Payments and Insurance

22 Personal Property Inventory

23 Safe-Deposit Box and Strongbox

24 Income Taxes


Part IV: Household Matters

25 In Case of Emergency

26 General Household

27 Closets

28 The Kitchen

29 The Refrigerator

30 Supermarket Shopping and Inventory Control

31 The Laundry

32 The Medicine Chest

33 Hiring Household Help





Part V: Main Events

34 Tag Sales

35 Preparing for the Painters

36 Moving

37 Job Search

38 Party Planning

39 Travel Planning

40 Travel Packing


Part VI: Personal Agenda

41 Beauty Routine

42 Dates to Remember

43 Doctors: Organizing a Selective Search

44 Errands

45 Gift Shopping

46 Handbag

47 Briefcase

48 How to Stop Losing Things

49 Organizing Your Spouse

50 Wardrobe Shopping for Women

51 Wardrobe Shopping for Men


Part VII: Children

52 Pregnancy Checklist

53 Post-Pregnancy: Organization After the Baby is Born

54 Children's Rooms

55 Teaching Children About Organization

56 Traveling with Children

57 When Travel Means Leaving the Kids Behind


About the Authors




SYNOPSIS: We've all been there.  Too much to do in too little time.  Do you find yourself wishing for more hours each day?  Well, here's the answers to your problem.  You may not acquire several hours per day, but with the correct organization techniques, you'll find more time to do the things you love, rather than doing the things you have to do. It's as simple as creative filing systems, effective storage systems and efficient record-keeping systems.  You'll save time by knowing where to look, and you'll save money by finding things you already have.  Thus creating more time for yourself at the end of the day.  An organizational expert, Ronni Eisenberg gives you the techniques to help you toward a more simple life. 



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