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Featured Title:

"Milord and Milady"



Nina Epton



Oldbourne Book Co., Ltd.

Hardback Edition

Out of Print



Chapter 1

How They Spent Their Money

  Spendthrifts - Gamblers - Misers


Chapter 2

Stately Homes, Hosts and Entertainments


Chapter 3

Gardens, Farms and Pets


Chapter 4

Servants and Retinues


Chapter 5

Some Noble Attributes

Rank and Titles - Bets and Brawls; Duellists and Practical Jokers - The Spleen - Duty, Devotion and Pleasure

Chapter 6


The Grand Tour - The Perils of Travel - Virtue and Vertu - On Safari - How Foreigners Saw Milord and Milady - Ladies Only - Spas


Chapter 7

Learned Leisure


Chapter 8

Muscular Leisure

Swimming - The Chase - The Turf - Love of Speed - Shooting - The Field - Railways - Cricket


Chapter 9

Milord and Milady in Love and Matrimony


Chapter 10

Changing Values

Hosts to the Public

SYNOPSIS: They're eccentric and noble.  They're notorious and aristocratic. This book looks at some of the most colorful titled characters in English history, and explores the world of English Aristocracy.  Learn how they spent their money, who they married and why, and how they were educated.  Includes anecdotes from real lives in all kinds of homes.  Although out of print, this useful resource is available through used book stores.



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