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Featured Title:

"Seven Centuries of English Cooking"



Maxime de la Falaise



Grove Press, 1992

Paperback Edition


$15.95 (Check for discount amount)*



From the Fourteenth to the Sixteenth Century


The Seventeenth Century


The Eighteenth Century


The Nineteenth Century


The Twentieth Century







SYNOPSIS: This book serves several purposes for the writer as well as the reader.  It will give you a feeling for the flavors, spices and dishes over the centuries, and leave you wondering whether your attraction to saffron or mushrooms is acquired or inherited.  It will also give you another sense to experiment with in your writing--taste.  By making the actual recipes in this book, you can experience what your characters would have many years ago.  Relive a medieval royal banquet or a Victorian nursery breakfast.  Each section has an overview of food trends for the century, as well as recipes for all types of fare.  A fun and instructional reference!


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