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Featured Title:

"British English A to Zed"



Norman W. Schur

Revised by Eugene Ehrlich


Facts on File Library, 2001

Paperback Edition


$18.95 (Check for discount amount)*





Explanatory Notes




British English A to Zed


Appendix I--General Differences Between British and American English


A. Syntax

B. Pronunciation

C. Spoken Usage and Figures of Speech

D. Punctuation and Style

E. Spelling


Appendix II--Glossaries and Tables

A. Currency

B. Financial Terms

C. Units of Measure

    1. Dry Measure

    2. Liquid Measure

D. Numbers

E. Automotive Terms

F. Musical Notations

G. Slang

    1. Cant

    2. London Slang

    3. Rhyming Slang

    4. Poker Slang

    5. British betting terms

H. Food Names

I. Botanical and Zoological Names

J. Britain, Briton, British, English, etc.

K. Cricket Terms

L. Connotative Place Names

M. Connotative Names of Periodicals



SYNOPSIS: If you've ever traveled to England, you have experienced the phenomenon of "I thought they spoke English here."  And although Americans and Britons do speak the same language, there are many differences--enough so that you may find yourself in a spot of trouble saying something you thought completely innocent.  This book explores the difference in the two languages--American English and British English.  For each British term, the author gives the American equivalent (or as close as he can get.)  There is also an index to look up American terms and find the British equivalent.  More than useful, it's informative and fun.  And easy to use!


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