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Featured Title:

"Personal Beauty"


by D.G. Brinton, M.D. and 

G.H. Napheys, M.D.


Applewood Books, 1994

(originally printed in 1876)

Paperback Edition


$14.95 (Check for discount amount)*






The power of Beauty--The nature of Beauty--Cosmetic Surgery--Its propriety--Definition of Personal Beauty


The Human Figure as a Whole

Its correct proportions--How to perfect the figure--Defects in stature; too tall or too short--Want of symmetry of body--relaxed and stooping figures--Superfluous and defective members--On Corpulence and Leanness--Bill of Fare to decrease in flesh--On Leanness--Bill of Fare to increase in flesh


The Neck and Bust

The proper form of the neck--Wry-neck and goitre--The shoulders and chest--The breasts and waist


The Head, Face and Expression

The shape of the head--The face and expression


The Eyes, Eyebrows, Eyelashes and the Sense of Sight

Proper form and color of the eye--The eyebrows--The eyelids and eyelashes--The eye


The Ear and the Sense of Hearing

The form and care of the ear--Piercing the ear, and ear-rings


The Nose and Sense of Smell

Proper form, and care of the nose--Defects in the form and color of the nose--The sense of smell and perfumery



The Mouth, Lips, Teeth, and Breath

The mouth and lips--The teeth--The voice--Offensive breath


The Arm and Hand

The arm--The hand and fingers--The finger nails


The Leg and Foot

The leg--The foot and shoe


The Skin and Complexion

From the anatomist's stand-point--Washing and bathing--On toilet soaps--Lotions and washes to beautify the skin--Emulsions and pomades for the skin--Other means of improving the complexion--Protecting the complexion--masks and veils--What clothing should be worn next the skin--Powders to protect the skin--Means for whitening the skin--Rose powders and rouge--A word about enameling the face--Patches--Discolorations from nitrate of silver--Sunburn, tan and freckles--Liver-spots and moles--Arsenic eating and secret washes--Eruptions of the skin--Pimples, hives, carbuncles--The prevention and removal of scars


The Hair

Physiology of the hair--The hair in health; washing, combing and brushing--Cutting the hair--How to curl and stiffen the hair--Hair powders--Gray hair and hair dyes--False hair, chignons, etc.--Falling of the hair and baldness--Dandriff and scurf of the scalp--Excessive growth of hair and depilatories--The arrangement of the hair


SYNOPSIS:  This is a reprint of a beauty guide originally published in 1869.  Learn how American women of the past strove for perfection in their beauty.  This book contains tips, recipes, and exercises women used in the 19th century.  You can also learn what defined 'perfection', such as: 'The circumference of the waist in a woman five feet high should not be less than twenty-five inches."  Whether you use this as a fun comparison to today's standards, or as research for one of your own books, it is a very entertaining volume.


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