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Featured Title:

"The New Birth Order Book"


by Dr. Kevin Leman

Fleming H. Revell, 1998

Paperback Edition


$11.99 (Check for discount amount)*


Maybe Abel Did Have It Coming


1  Birth Order--Does It Really Make Any Sense?


2  But, Doc, I Don't Fit Your Birth Order Mold!

Birth Order Variables--Part 1


3  What's Parenting Got to Do With It?

Birth Order Variables--Part 2


4  First Come, First Served

A Closer Look at First Borns


5  Just How Serious a Problem Is Perfectionism?


6  Moving from Perfectionism Toward Excellence

There Is a Way Out of the Perfectionist Swamp


7  Lonely Only, Super First Born

A Closer Look at Only Children


8  I Never Did Get No Respect

A Closer Look at the Middle Child


9  Born Last but Seldom Least

A Closer Look at the Baby of the Family





10  How to Let Your Birth Order Work for You in Business


11  Birth Order Marriages Aren't Made in Heaven


12  I Only Count When...

Taking a Look at your Life-Style


13  Why Reality Discipline Works with Any Birth Order


14  Flaunt Your Imperfections


15  Two May Be Company...or a Crowd

Parenting the Two-Child Family


16  Taking Off the Squeeze

Parenting the Last Born


17  Helping the Family "Cub" Grow Up

Parenting the Last Born



There Is Still Only One Thing You Can't Do Without



A: U.S. Presidents ant Their Birth Order

B: A Review of Born to Rebel by Frank Sulloway



SYNOPSIS: Need help in characterization of your hero or heroine?  Does it make a difference if you hero is an only child, or your heroine is the youngest of twelve children?  Or the oldest of twelve children?  Yes, it does.  Dr. Kevin Leman describes how one's birth order influences who they are, who they marry, the job they choose, and the kind of parent they are. Learn not only how to understand your characters, but yourself as well, in this easy-to-read book.  You may be surprised!


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