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Featured Title:

"The History of Underclothes"


by C Willett and Phillis Cunnington

Dover Publications, 1992

Paperback Edition


$9.95 (Check for discount amount)*

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations


  I. Medieval Period


 II. 1485-1625


III. 1626-1710


 IV. 1711-1790


  V. 1791-1820


 VI. 1821-1840


VII. 1841-1856



VIII. 1857-1866


  IX. 1867-1882


   X. 1883-1896


  XI. 1897-1908


 XII. 1909-1918


XIII. 1919-1939








SYNOPSIS: The role played by underclothing has varied over the last several centuries.  This resource shows how underclothing served both practical purposes as well as erotic over the years.  With more than 100 illustrations, it provides a comprehensive history of underclothing, including its role and function up through the eve of World War II.  This book is easy to read and a must for every historical writer.



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