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Featured Title:

"Daily Life in a Victorian House"


by Laura Wilson

The Preservation Press, 1993

Hardback Edition


$16.95 (less 20% disc.)*

Table of Contents

The Victorian Era

The Family

London Life

Inside the House

Early Morning

Dressing Mrs. Smith

Mr. Smith's Clothes



Cleaning the House

The Kitchen


The Nursery

Toys and Games


The Laundry

Paying a Call

The Doctor's Visit


Albert at School


An Evening Out



The House in Time



Places to Visit


SYNOPSIS: This book is intended for a child's library.  But the information in it is so easy to understand and so basic, that it can hardly be passed up as a wonderful source.  Complete with numerous illustrations, it covers everything from chamber pots to linen presses to corsets.  Follow a boy during a day in school, plan a dinner party, or help dress the lady of the house.  For basic, straightforward information, this is the reference to have!


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