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Featured Title:

"Wild Women"

by Autumn Stephens

Conari Press, 1992

Paperback Edition


$14.95 (less 10% disc.)*

Table of Contents

A Word to the Reader

Flamboyant Flirts and Lascivious Libertines

Tough Lovers and Fiery Sirens

Brazen Brides and Wicked Wives

Twisted Sisters and Mortifying Mothers

Maidens a la Mode

Hatchet Queens and Pistol Packers

Dreaded Desperados and Gutsy Gamblers

Radical Rescuers and Militant Feminists

Utterly Fearless Frontierswomen

Audacious Artists and Ad Hoc Architects

Shocking Scholars and Wanton Wordsmiths

Controversial Curers and Ingenious Invalids

Alarmingly Litigious Ladies

Outrageous Orators and Sassy Suffragists

Rabble Rousers and Muckrakers

Holy Terrors and Pope Perturbers

Shameless Exhibitionists and Notable Narcissists

Scandalous Socialites and Hellraising Heiresses

Southern Rebels and Capital Offenders

Totally Triumphant Travelers


Wild Woman Association

SYNOPSIS: Are you looking for the perfect heroine? One who will stand up to the hero? One who has the guts to stand up to the villain? Are you having difficulty creating just the right character, thinking she may be just a bit over the edge? Well here's your answer to that independent, outrageous spirit you need. This book is a collection of stories about 150 Victorian women who refused to conform to society's norms and did things their own way. Meet Ida Lewis who plucked drowning sailors from the Atlantic. And Jane Addams who began the social experiment we know as Hull House for impoverished immigrants and the bored wealthy. These are the women we want to emulate in our books. You just might come up with an idea while glancing through this volume.


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