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Featured Title:

"Facts in a Flash"

by Ellen Metter

Writer's Digest Books, 1999

Hardback Edition


$24.99 (less 30% disc.)*

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Know Your Research Options

Chapter 2: Research Techniques and Strategies

Chapter 3: Government Research

Chapter 4: Contemporary Research

Chapter 5: Background and Statistics Research

Chapter 6: Experts and Quotations

Chapter 7: Biographical and Autobiographical Research

Chapter 8: Historical Research


Chapter 9: Cultural Research

Chapter 10: Geographical Research

Chapter 11: United States Legal Research

Chapter 12: Business Research

Chapter 13: Authorship Research

Appendix A: Comercial Online Database Vendors

Appendix B: Periodical Indexes



SYNOPSIS: Whether you want to do research online or in hard copy, this reference is a valuable tool for finding what you need to know to get your facts straight. Full of research techniques and tips, this book will speed up the research process and get you where you're going fast. Find strategies for collecting census data, locating online periodicals and finding experts in your field of study. It's that simple, because someone has done the work for you. This book just has too much good information to put into this short paragraph.


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