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Featured Title:

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Your Romance Published"

by Julie Beard

Alpha Books, 2000

Paperback Edition


$16.95 (less 20% disc.)*

Table of Contents

Part 1: Falling in Love with Love: Understanding the Magic of Romance

1. The Power of Love

2. Love is Here to Stay

3. Love is a Many Splendored Thing

4. Match Made in Heaven

5. Lover's Leap

Part 2: Seven Aspects of Highly Affecting Romances

6. Plotting: Fresh Take on an Age-Old Story

7. Characterization: Heroes to Die for and Heroines to Cry For

8. Pacing: Timing is Everything

9. Voice: Yours and Your Characters'

10. Conflict: The Magic Ingredient

11. Emotion: Tugging at the Heartstrings

12. Under the Covers: Sex and the Single (or Married) Romance Writer

Part 3: After the Romance: Bringing Up Baby

13. Research Recap

14. Polish Until It Shines

15. Feedback: It Hurts So Good

16. Hiring an Agent

17. Finding an Editor

18. Submissions: Laying Your Heart on the Line



  Part 4: The Writing Biz

19. You're Published, Now What?

20. Advances and Royalties

21. Acting Like a Professional

22. Promotion Tips

23. Nuts and Bolts of the Biz

24. Romancing the Industry

25. The Last Word (Or Why You Really Can Do This)



A. Glossary

B. Romance Publishers

C. Writing Resource Books

D. Romance Reviewers and Publications

E. Writing and Publishing-Related Organizations

F. Press Releases


SYNOPSIS: Multi-published, best-selling romance author, Julie Beard, has written an invaluable resource for the romance writer, whether aspiring or mid-career. Learn how to master the rules of romance style, create lovable characters, network the industry, and revise your manuscript. Complete with a Quick-reference card, this book will take you from the planning stages to the publicity stages of writing and selling your romance novel. Full of advice from the experts, it's a must for every romance writer's shelf.


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