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Featured Title:

"The Writer's Legal Companion"

by Brad Bunnin and Peter Beren

Perseus Books, 1998

Paperback Edition


$18.50 (less 15% disc.)*

Table of Contents


1. The Publishing Contract

2. Publishing In Magazines

3. Collaboration

4. The Legal Relationship Between Writer and Agent

5. Watch Your Words: The Confusing Law of Defamation

6. The Right To Be Left Alone: Protecting Privacy and Publicity

7. What is Copyright?

8. Copyright Formalities

9. How to Protect Your Copyright

10. Tax and the Freelance Writer


11. Legal Resources for the Writer

12. The Author and the Business of Publishing

13. New Information technologies and the Author


A. Resource Directory

B. A Glossary of Publishing Terms

C. Publishing Agreements

D. Copyright Material

E. Permission Guidelines

F. Author's Questionnaire



SYNOPSIS: This comprehensive guide offers writers solid advice on all aspects of publishing law. It covers everything from copyrights and taxes to libel laws, subsidiary rights, and the obscure clauses in publishers' contracts. This book is an important resource for anyone in print or electronic publishing.


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