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Featured Title:

"English Through the Ages"

by William Brohaugh

Writer's Digest Books, 1998

Hardback Edition


$24.99 (less 20% disc.)*

Table of Contents


How to Use English Through the Ages

Subject Categories


In Use by 1150

In Use by 1350

In Use by 1470

In Use by 1500

In Use by 1550

In Use by 1600

In Use by 1650

In Use by 1700

In Use by 1750

In Use by 1800


In Use by 1825

In Use by 1850

In Use by 1875

In Use by 1900

In Use by 1910

In Use by 1920

In Use by 1930

In Use by 1940

In Use by 1950

In Use by 1960

In Use by 1970

In Use by 1980

In Use by 1990



SYNOPSIS: A unique etymology resource, this book places words on a timeline of English word creation. Whether you write historicals set in the 1500s or the 1800s, this book outlines which words were in use by that century. Within each section are over 60 categories, some of which are--Science, Medicine, Food, Clothing, Emotions, Literature, Slang, Phrases, Colors and Performing Arts. A specific date of origin is given for each entry. To simplify your search, there is an alphabetical index also. This is a wonderful resource for any historical writer, not to mention a fun read!


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