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Featured Title:


by Stanley Weintraub

Truman Talley Books, 1987

Paperback Edition


$16.95 (less 20% disc.)*

Table of Contents

Biographer's Preface

I Jubilee (1887)

II Alexandrina Victoria (1817-1820)

III Gilded Cage (1820-1830)

IV Royal Pawn (1830-1837)

V Virgin Queen (1837-1840)

VI Royal Husband (1840-1843)

VII Dual Monarchy (1844-1848)

VIII The Splendid Misery (1848-1853)

IX The Woman Warrior (1853-1858)

X Albert the Good (1858-1861)

XI Victoria Mourning (1861-1866)

XII Victoria Adrift (1866-1872)

XIII A Brown Study (1863-1883)

XIV Faery Queen (1872-1880)



XV "The People's William" (1880-1886)

XVI Quarreling with Time (1886-1890)

XVII Receding Figure (1891-1894)

XVIII Metamorphosis (1894-1897)

XIX A Queen at War (1897-1900)

XX Mourning for Victoria (1900-1901)





The Race for the Throne

The Descendants of Victoria

20 Pages of Illustrations

SYNOPSIS: An intimate biography of this 19th century monarch, taken from vivid and colorful diaries, journals and letter of her relatives and her social and political confidants and acquaintances. Explore the many different Victorias as she matures from girl to woman to wife to widow. She is a mother, a matriarch and a queen. This book reveals each of her unique and different personalities.


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