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Featured Title:

"To Marry An English Lord"

by Gail MacColl and Carol McD. Wallace

Workman Publishing, 1989

Paperback Edition


$14.95 (less 20% disc.)*

Table of Contents


CHAPTER ONE/The Buccaneers
Old New York
Rule Britannia
Pushy Mamas
The First Marriages

CHAPTER TWO/The Fair Invaders
A Turn in the Tide
Audacity & Innocence
The Siege of London
The Competition
Poor Peers
The Self-made Girl's Wedding

CHAPTER THREE/American Heiresses:What Will You Bid?
He Stoops to Conquer
The Plutocrats' Daughters
The Match of the Century
She Is Now a Duchess
The American Aristocrat's Wedding


CHAPTER FOUR/Married Heiresses
Happily Ever After
American Wives & English Husbands
The Heir & The Spare
Chatelaine, or Where the Money Went
Survival of the Fastest
At Long Last, Love

CHAPTER FIVE/The New Heiresses
Vivat Rex
Entertaining Edward
The Last Marriages
Till Death or the Judge Do Us Part: The American Heiress Divorce

Register of American Heiresses
Walking Tour of the American Heiresses' London
Bibliography/Selected Reading

SYNOPSIS: Many social factors led to the transatlantic marriages explored in this book. British estates needed money to run, new American heiresses wanted acceptance in Society and their parents had the money to buy them that position. Follow the rituals of aristocratic education, debutante balls, courtships and marriages as young women are used as pawns in some of the most memorable matches in history.


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