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Featured Title:

"Creating Characters: How to Build Story People"

by Dwight V. Swain

Writer's Digest Books, 1990

Paperback Edition


$14.99 (less 20% disc.)*

Table of Contents


ONE/The Core of Character
The key element to any character

TWO/Searching Out Your Characters
How to find the right character

THREE/Labels, Labels
Why you label a character

FOUR/Fleshing Out
How to make a character real

FIVE/The World Within: 1
How to motivate a character

SIX/The World Within: 2
How to keep a character moving

SEVEN/The Breath of Life
How to bring a character to life

EIGHT/Bent Twigs
Giving a character background

NINE/Wild Cards
Building an offbeat character


TEN/The Role of Roles
How to treat a hero

ELEVEN/The Light Touch
How to make a character amusing

TWELVE/The Right Words
Describe a character effectively

THIRTEEN/The Things They Say
Write good dialogue

FOURTEEN/Variations on a Theme
Design people to fit your market

FIFTEEN/The Character out of Time
Character in unfamiliar worlds

SIXTEEN/The Dynamics of Disbelief
Coping when readers don't believe

SEVENTEEN/The Search for Zest
Maintain a cutting edge as a writer



SYNOPSIS: Compelling characters are the key to any successful story. You can create them yourself by following the blueprint in this book. Learn how to flesh out your characters, reveal their emotions and motivate them. Whether a rogue or royalty, charmer or cad, you can make your characters fit their roles. And when you have believable characters, you have the power to make the reader care.


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