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Featured Title:

"Life at the Court of Queen Victoria"

by Barry St-John Nevill

Sutton Publishing, 1997

Paperback Edition


$26.95 (less 20% disc.)*

Table of Contents


The Children of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
Queen Victoria's Prime Ministers and Their Terms of Office
The Pelham-Clintons
Principal Events 1861-70
Selections from the Journals of Queen Victoria


Principal Events 1871-80
Principal Events 1881-90
Principal Events 1891-1901
List of Precedence
Lord Edward's Diary



SYNOPSIS: Go behind the scenes and read daily accounts from Queen Victoria's journals. Learn how she spent her days and with whom. This book includes reproductions of musical programs, menus, and seating plans for Royal weddings and Baptisms, all from the Royal Household scrapbook. Historical accuracy is a must in writing, and this book will help you place real persons in the right place at the right time. Easy to read and richly illustrated, this book will provide you with just the right details to make your own writing credible. And because much of the text is from Queen Victoria's journals, you can learn the vernacular of the day and use it in your writing. A useful addition to your research library!


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