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Featured Title:

"The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England: From 1811-1901" by Kristine Hughes

Writer's Digest Books, 1998

Hardback Edition


$18.99 (less 20% disc.)*

Table of Contents


Part One:
Everyday Life

Lighting, Heating and Plumbing
Domestic Servants
Home Furnishings

Part Two:
Government, War and the Economy

The Courts
The Military
Economics and Banking
The Laboring Classes


Part Three:

Arts and Entertainment
The Pleasures of Good Society



SYNOPSIS: A new reference just published! This is an invaluable resource for any writer who sets their work in Nineteenth Century England. From the basics of everyday life to major historical events of the era, this book covers such topics as Body Snatchers (grave robbers,) Minted Coins, Home Remedies and Sample Menus for dinner parties. Because of the large time span this book covers, each topic is only touched upon. But there is an extensive bibliography at the end of every section for further research. Complete with illustrations, this book also includes a list of museums in the British Isles that feature Regency and Victorian materials. A long-anticipated book by me, it is finally here for you, too!


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