Researching The Romance


One of the most rewarding and sometimes most frustrating aspects of writing an historical romance is the research. Where do you start? And more important, when do you stop?

You have probably heard that you can never research too much. And that's true. The last thing you want as a writer is to have a reader point out an inconsistency or historical blunder. But remember, you won't use everything you find.

What you do want to do is get an overall feeling for the time period. You'll do that by researching every aspect of life in the time period, from food to clothing to housing.

Below is a list of books to start you on your way. Some are out of print, but may be available through your local library. If an ISBN# is available, I've included that in the listing also. Those entries marked with an (*) are available for purchase through our bookstore in association with, an on-line book retailer. Many titles are available at a discounted price. To go to the Literary Liaisons Bookstore, click on the Bookstore Icon at the end of this page. I've also included books on the craft of writing, a must for every writer's library.

For a more in-depth article on researching the historical, visit the Literary Liaisons Research Articles page, where this and other topics are covered. For more bibliographic information, check out our detailed guide, Researching the British Historical--The Victorian Era.  Included in the guide are articles and bibliographies for twenty-two topics, as well as two time lines encompassing the years 1837-1901.  

Also, every few weeks, a new title from these pages will be described in detail on our "Featured Title" page. To see this page, simply click on the "Featured Title" link at the end of the entry, or on the link at the end of this page. All featured titles will remain in a special library for access as new titles are added.




The Arts





Natural History






Writing Craft









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The Arts--Literature, Theatre, Painting

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