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Welcome to the Literary Liaisons Bookstore. I am pleased to announce that we are now working in association with to serve your needs quicker and more efficiently. On the following pages you will find a delightful assortment of books for sale, both fiction and non-fiction. All the books below should be available through We will keep adding to this list, so check back often.  Titles of books we add will be announced in our newsletter.  Click here to be added to our newsletter mailing list.



The fiction assortment includes titles by our featured authors, as well as Victorian authors in the historical and romance genres. There are also some classics here, not to mention a few that cross genres, and a few that are my personal favorites.



The non-fiction assortment includes titles recommended in the research pages and articles of Literary Liaisons, as well as a potpourri of books to help you on your way in writing your novel.


Featured Title

Every few weeks, Literary Liaisons selects a new title from its "Researching the Romance" pages to feature in this part of the Bookstore. The entry includes bibliographic information of the book, a scan of the cover, a short summary and the Table of Contents. This should help you in your selection of research material that's just right for you. All features are saved in a library to reference at a later date.


Exclusively from Literary Liaisons

We are pleased to offer you two resource guides available only through Literary Liaisons, Ltd.  The first is a Victorian Research Guide, a 250-page manual full of articles and bibliographies on over 20 topics.  The second is a 14-page booklet with over 101 tips to help you become a more organized and more productive writer. Click here for more information.


Pricing Policy

If ordering through the pricing policy is set by them, with some books discounted as much as 30%, some books not discounted at all. You will need to check their site for current information. Instructions on how to order through are given on the fiction and non-fiction pages.

All books in the Literary Liaisons Bookstore will be offered to you at 10% off the cover price. There will be an additional charge for Shipping and Handling of $3-$6 depending upon size of order. Taxes will be applied where necessary. Shipments outside the U.S. may be slightly higher.


Used Book Store

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Used Book Store!  Here you will find a selection of high-quality used books at well below market rate.  And ordering is easier than ever.  You can now use PayPal for your purchases.  So take a look at what we have to offer. 


Ordering through is done by linking directly from our fiction and non-fiction pages to their listings. Simply left-click on the highlighted title, which will bring you to that book's order information at You will find a brief description of the book, along with pricing information. Click to add that book to your shopping basket, then hit "back" on your browser to return to Literary Liaisons. Once you are done shopping, you can return to through any of the book title links, and finish processing your on-line order with them.

Ordering through Literary Liaisons is handled via snail mail, for your safety as well as mine. An order form is available on-line for printing. After you print the form, fill it out, then send it to the indicated address along with payment in a check or Money Order--U.S. dollars only. The books will be shipped within 2-4 weeks of receipt of order, depending upon availability from the distributor. To speed up the delivery process, you may pre-order books via e-mail and send the money later. That way, by the time I receive your check, the books will have come in from the distributor and be ready to ship almost immediately. You may also reserve copies of upcoming releases to ensure quick delivery.


Is There Something You Don't See?

Is there a particular book you've heard recommended or seen elsewhere but isn't on our list? Let me know. I'll contact the distributor and see if the book is available. The pricing policy is the same for special orders as it is for recommended books.


Return Policy:

When ordering through Visit their site to review their return policy.



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