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Julie Beard--Historical Romances

Louis Begley**--Literary Fiction

Stephanie Bond--Contemporary Romance

Laurie Brown--Historical Romance

Victoria Bylin**--Historical Romance

Blythe Gifford**--Historical Romance

Bev Long**--Contemporary Romance

Ann Macela--Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Myrna Mackenzie--Contemporary Romance

Laura Moore**--Contemporary Romance

Brenda Novak--Contemporary & Historical Romance

Allie Pleiter**--Inspirational Romance and Non-fiction

Regina Pounds--Historical Romantic Suspense

Martha Powers**--Mystery & Historical Romance

Michelle (Hoppe) Prima**--Historical Romance, Non-fiction

Juliet Waldron--Historical and Biographical Fiction

Patricia Mae White (aka Pat White**)--Contemporary Romance

Shirley Chance Yarbro--Historical Romance, Non-fiction


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