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Literary Liaisons was formulated with the romance reader in mind. Because I am one myself, and because I read mostly historicals, this site is dedicated to the past.

I am also a writer, and remembering those early days, struggling to know where to start or when to know enough is enough, I also want Literary Liaisons to be an education tool.

I hope I have satisfied both parties, for as many of us know, writers and readers are often one and the same.

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Author Links--Links to sites of authors who have contributed articles to Literary Liaisons.

Bookstore and Reviews--Listing of books available through Literary Liaisons for purchase, some with reviews. Includes fiction and non-fiction selections.

Victorian Research Guide--Over 250 pages of articles and bibliographies on the Victorian Era

101 Organizing Tips for Writers--14-page booklet with useful tips for organizing your work space and writing

Used Books--Used books available for purchase online. Includes fiction and non-fiction selections.

Featured Title--Read an in-depth description of a featured reference title from our "Researching the Romance" pages.

Literary Liaisons Newsletter--On-line newsletter including features, announcements, FAQ column and more, along with information on how to receive the newsletter directly through e-mail.

The Video Library--Suggestions to help your research your writing, or for your viewing pleasure

Research Articles About The Past--Articles by experienced writers covering a wide variety of topics from weddings of the past, to naming your characters.

Researching the Romance--How to begin researching the historical, and a bibliography of useful sources of printed materials.

Writers' Resources--Guide to valuable on-line resources of information.

RWA Chapters On-line--Links to RWA chapters on-line, as well as RWA National.

Web Design Services--Provides basic web design services starting at $300.Used Books from Literary Liaisons

Sign Our Guestbook--Drop us a line in our new guestbook.

Subscribe to Literary Links On-line--You can sign up directly for our on-line newsletter.

Contact Literary Liaisons--Send me your comments, suggestions and criticisms.

This site is always changing by nature of its content. I will post notices of new content in the newsletter, but please visit often so you don't miss anything.

Also, by virtue of its content, this site could be much larger. I have limited it to those areas I feel most beneficial to the historical writer and reader, with an emphasis on historical research and the Victorian Era.

So please understand that as much is missing from these pages as is in them. If there is a site or reference you think of particular interest to our visitors, please contact me. I'm as eager as you to discover something new and valuable.


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