AGREEMENT made this _____day of _____________, 20___, between ____________________________  (the "Client"), whose address is ____________________________________________,  and Michelle J. Hoppe, d/b/a Literary Liaisons, Ltd., P.O. Box 4801, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, 60089 (the "Service Provider").


The Client declares that he/she is the sole owner and author of work which he/she may submit to the Service Provider for inclusion on his/her Home Page.


It is therefore agreed:


1.  Copyright.


The Client shall maintain an appropriate Copyright claim on the pages designed and maintained for the Client.  The Client and/or Service Provider may advertise such pages on the Internet or in printed form.  The Client agrees to display the Service Provider's logo on the pages designed and maintained for the Client.


2.  Indemnity.


The Client guarantees that any quotes, excerpts or other material submitted for inclusion in no way violates any existing copyright either in whole or in part, and that it contains no matter which, if published, will be libelous or otherwise injurious.  The Client shall at his/her own expense, protect and defend the submitted material from any adverse claims of copyright infringement, and shall indemnify the Service Provider from all damages, infringement, or of any injurious or libelous matter in the Submission.  However, the Client shall not be liable for any matter not contained in the original Submission and inserted herein by the Service Provider.


3.  Delivery of Submission.


The Client is responsible for submitting material for inclusion on the Home Page.  Such material includes, but is not limited to: Author Biography and Portrait; Book excerpts, reviews and synopses; Book Covers; Works In Progress; Good News/Announcements; Backlist of past published titles; Pseudonyms used; Title, Publisher, ISBN# and Release Date of forthcoming books. The Client may submit the Material electronically in body of e-mail or as text on a diskette, or as hard copy in a fax or via U.S. Postal Service.  All Material so submitted is being submitted pursuant to this agreement and subject to the terms and conditions thereof.


4.  Service Provider Responsibilities.


The Service Provider will: compile and design a Personal Home Page based upon Client preferences (no more than ten individual pages total); maintain the Client's Home Page for the duration of the contract; update the Home Page upon receipt of material from the Client; add the Client's books to the Literary Liaisons Bookstore for purchase by the public; feature the author and his/her book(s) in the forthcoming issue of Literary Links.  The Service Provider reserves the right to have the Client's Home Page link directly back to the Literary Liaisons, Ltd. site.  The Service Provider agrees to complete the Client's Home Page within two months of the date of the contract. 


5.  Payment.


The Client will submit one half ($XXX) of the total amount quoted for web page design ($XXX) at the onset of the project, as outlined in a customized invoice.  The balance of the payment will be due upon completion of the project.  Payments should be made payable to Literary Liaisons, Ltd.; in U.S. dollars; to P.O. Box 4801, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, 60089.  Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of each invoice. 


6.  Termination.


This Agreement will automatically terminate six months from the date of this contract unless written notice is given to Service Provider at least 30 days prior to date stated herein.   This Agreement may be terminated by either party upon 30 days written notice.  If payment was made for services in advance, the costs will be prorated and an appropriate refund made to the Client by the Service Provider. 



IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have executed this Agreement on ___________________, 20 ___.



_________________________________     ____________________________________

Client                                                              Service Provider


Client                                                                     Literary Liaisons, Ltd.

Address:__________________________            P.O. Box 4801

__________________________________            Buffalo Grove, IL  60089


Telephone Number: (____)___________            (xxx)xxx-xxxx


E-Mail Address: ___________________            LiteraryLiaisons@aol.com